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Welcome to my author website!  My name is Carole Meyer-Rieth, and I am an Associate Member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).  I take part in ongoing classes and critique groups in SCBWI and Storyteller Academy as I write picture books and middle-grade fiction.  


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Picture Books
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Middle Grade
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The Legend of Cowchicken Lu


Saddle up with the greatest wrangler ever born in a barnyard – she's ready for anything! Buk-buk-ba-KAWK!


Inspired by the tall tale of Pecos Bill and the loyal friendship of the COWGIRL KATE AND COCOA (series by Erica Silverman).


This is one of my daughter's first drawings of her big brother.

Doodle and Unicorn


DOODLE is drawn by a boy whose younger sister starts to add UNICORN and her ideas to his artwork.  Ever-present Unicorn appears to be stuck to Doodle—like glitter! So what happens when Doodle has finally had enough togetherness?


A celebration of children's creativity like BATTLE BUNNY (John Scieszka) meets the imaginative adventures of THAT RABBIT BELONGS TO EMILY BROWN (Cressida Cowell)....but with a focus on the fun and frustration of sibling relationships.

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Toru and the Giant Squid


A young immigrant named Toru adjusts to his new home in San Francisco as he misses Japan and loses the squid kite that his grandmother gave to him.  But someone's "lost dog" poster gives Toru an idea...

The inter-generational bond of OCEAN MEETS SKY (Terry Fan and Eric Fan) meets the heart of SMALL IN THE CITY (Sydney Smith)

Circus Tent

A Circus Just For You


When baby’s day is reimagined with the feel of circus fun, ordinary moments can be a joy too.

The tender parent-child connection of TIME FOR BED (Mem Fox) meets the uplifting tone and morning-to-night timeline of FOOD TRUCK FEST! (Alexandra Penfold)

Mother and Daughter Love

Mama, How Do You Love Me?


Little Pup has questions about Mama's love and is surprised to find the answers on the farm.  


A story inspired by classic picture books, such as the tender tone of TIME FOR BED (Mem Fox) and the theme of unconditional love in books like MAMA, DO YOU LOVE ME? (Barbara M. Joosse) ​

Rice Fields

Cricket Song


Among the rice fields of ancient Japan, a farmgirl discovers that even loneliness can bring new friends together.  

Inspired by the practice of keeping crickets in ancient Japan and China, as early as the Tang dynasty (A.D. 618-906).  

Image by Markus Winkler

Spy Sisters


Thirteen-year-old Becky and her younger sister Tessa find themselves mixed up in an international game of cat-and-mouse in which they must survive the schemes of a thief, a spy .... and their grandmother!

Inspired by personal experience at a Swiss boarding school and influenced by EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES (Erich Kästner).  More current comparative texts include MRS. SMITH'S SPY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Beth McMullen) and CITY SPIES (James Ponti).

Additional Picture Book manuscripts available




Meet the Author

My creative goal is to encourage children that they are valuable, lovable, and capable of making a positive and powerful impact on others' lives.
I hope that my books bring about moments of connection between parents and children and encourage empathy, imagination, and creativity.  I live with my family in California, but I enjoy reading and writing stories about children all over the world.

This is me with my dog Rosie.


Why is your website called Bibi Books?

Just like the girls in SPY SISTERS, I grew up with close ties to my Swiss culture and family in Switzerland.  In Swiss-German, "Pipeli" means "little chick," and based on that Bibi (pronounced "Bee-bee") has been my nickname ever since I was a baby.  I like how my nickname is a reminder of my family and my heritage. Plus, baby chicks are cute!  


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